This is my first set review, so if you disagree with me, please be gentle!

So you haven’t heard from me since my BUG report, but I assure you I didn’t come down with a case of H1N1 and die. I however have been quite busy and have found my way out of the bramble bush long enough to write you this set review on Born of the Gods – white stuff!

I’ll try to rate them on a scale between F and A. This is my rubric.

F – This card is bad. (Kitchen Table magic excluded!)
E – This doesn’t exist as an option for your deck, use it flipped upside down as a token.
D – Pick this up if it’s your best worst choice.
C – Casually good / good on occasion / good if it is part of a bigger synergistic beast.
B – Baby baby, this is getting interesting. Gets there.
A – Aaah boi, snap-keep. Soo good. Great value.

Lets start it off with the common cards and work our way up the levels to eventually huddle around the victory that is the King of Oreos.

Akroan Skyguard

Akroan Skyguard Limited: C
Constructed: C
He’s kind of a bear in the sense that he is a 1/1 for two that has flying and at common, he’s a lot better if you can target him with something, or one thing repeatedly on every turn. So it’s situationally good, and very similar to [card]Wingsteed Rider[/car], which is a huge bomb in your heroic deck. He’s not a first pick, but he isn’t a terrible mid draft pick if he’s in your colors and he fits in your strategy.

Elite Skirmisher

Elite Skirmisher Limited: C
Constructed: D
There are a lot of things you rather be doing at 3 then dropping this guy and saying go. He’s a common for 3/1 with a heroic that is only going to help if your playing a tempo type deck. I’m looking very forward to all the Dragon Ball alters of this guy.

Ephara’s Radiance

Ephara’s Radiance Limited: D
Constructed: D
Art: B
There are times when gaining life works well for you, but this isn’t a card you want be doing it with. Not only does it sit on a creature, but by doing so you also can’t  attack with it if you want to use this ability. It is a 2 for 1 waiting to happen and maybe the worst heroic enabler. Skip taking this one, and pick up the foil basic in the pack. Nice art though!


Excoriate Limited: B
Constructed: C
Why a B for an over-costed situational oblivion ring for creatures? Well white needs removal and this may be situational, but if it’s not attacking you, or using an ability (causing it to tap), it’s probably not worth removing anyways. This card may be a bit slow coming down, but it’s powerful, hits gods, and is splash-able.

Great Hart

Great Hart Limited: C
Constructed: D
So I think wizards has a thing about making ox and elk sort of wussy. Have you seen this things rack? I wouldn’t want to step in-front of that! These beasts need charge (haste is red/green I know I know) or bushido which is gives a creature +X/+X where X is its bushido number, whenever it is attacking or is blocked, or is blocking. Overall he is a filler card. Good luck. The one thing he’s got going for him is he’s got hart… ya that was bad, but I just had to.

Griffin Dreamfinder

Griffin Dreamfinder Limited: C
Constructed: D
Art: B
Griffin Dreamfinder also has some pretty sweet art. However, if your not trying to make a creature enchantment based deck he is pretty weak at 3-WW. Flying is a bonus though!

Hold at Bay

Hold at Bay Limited: C
Constructed: D
This card is sort of like a weak fog, or a pseudo decent combat trick. I don’t think it should be used as a fog, since preventing seven damage doesn’t change the board state at all. I think it should be used as a shield to be able to block with one of your 3/1’s if you’re making a white weenie type deck in constructed. Trading this card for a bomb could turn the game in your favor.

Loyal Pegasus

Loyal Pegasus Limited: C
Constructed: C
It’s a flying horse for 1 mana that’s a 2/1. Sure he can’t attack alone, but if your coming out of the gate fast, this is a pretty nice one drop at common. I hear he usually doesn’t get to attack until turn 3 though. Ouch. One drops usually aren’t that great in limited.

Mortal’s Ardor

Mortal’s Ardor Limited: C
Constructed: D
This is something to use on your creature with heroic in order to trigger its ability. It’s a weak combat trick, that could be way better depending on the strength of your targets heroic ability. This can turn into a +2/+2 or a tapped creature for your opponent, which isn’t bad, but it may be hard to set up that interaction.

Nyxborn Shieldmate

Nyxborn Shieldmate Limited: C
Constructed: D
At one he’s a 1/2 for W which isn’t terrible, it beats the bear test, but not by much. The extra value with this guy is he can be extra resilient if you attach him to another creature via the bestow effect.
I’ve always wondered what it means to be Nyxborn, don’t you?

Oreskos Sun Guide

Oreskos Sun Guide Limited: C
Constructed: D
It’s a bear, it’s a monk, it’s a… cat monk! With his cat monk powers comes the inspired ability to gain 2 life when he untaps, which could be relevant, after all it’s a 2/2 for w1 what gets a bit better when it untaps. Gainining life really isn’t that strong though, so this is as far as he goes. WTB cat monk archetype deck!

Revoke Existence

Revoke Existence Limited: B
Constructed: B
Since there are quite a few enchantments, and also quite a few of the new enchantment – creatures this has the ability to get rid of not only enchantments and artifacts but enchantment-creatures too! Yay! Revoke Existence deals with the pesky gods in standard too– BAM! For these reasons I can see it in the sideboard for white decks that need that issue solved.

Sorry about that, the editor thought it would be acceptable to leave that in. On to the uncommons!

Acolyte’s Reward

Acolyte’s Reward Limited: C
Constructed: C
It’s an instant that can potentially save one of your creatures, but it’s based on the premise that you have multiple creatures with multiple white mana symbols to use as a shield. Not in the set of first picks, but maybe after a few rounds when you are sure that you are going mono white this draft. This could be great to sideboard in against red though. I can hear the children yelling “You take X to the face red dude!”

Akroan Phalanx

Akroan Phalanx Limited: B
Constructed: C
I think this guy is pretty good as a 3/3 for 3-W with vigilance. Cards have been printed like that alone after all. On top of that he has the addition of an ability (although it is red) to make not ONLY himself but ALL your creatures get +1/0! The cost is a bit steep, but it may be worth it if you have 3+ creatures and 6 mana. The flavor text shouldn’t say hearts firm… but something else firm imo.

Archetype of Courage

Archetype of Courage Limited: B
Constructed: C
This guy is pretty neat for being 1WW. The ability to give all creatures first strike, and prevent all other creatures from having first strike can be quite back breaking in limited. Your creatures turn into a team of super-blockers!

For him I give this quick poem.
Watchout you Couragous S-O-B
for the Revoke Existance that could exile thee!

Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk Limited: C
Constructed: D
I’m usually not much of a fan of cards that can’t perform all the words on them reliably, but if you can manage to remove one of their enchantment creatures whilst getting one back from your graveyard, all the power to you — for you are magical.

Ghostblade Eidolon

Ghostblade Eidolon Limited: D
Constructed: F
The cost for this creature’s bestow is unfathomable, like an unF-Fathomable. That being said, double strike isn’t something we see a whole heck of a lot of, and I’m sure they didn’t want to see a mono-green deck splashing white for this guy on a Arbor Colossus on turn 3-4 if this bestow cost was too low. (bad example, Arbor Colossus isn’t in BotG). On the other hand a 1/1 double strike isn’t that unheard of at uncommon. Fencing ace was a 1/1 double strike for 1W, and this guy has an additional ability. Take this with a grain of salt.

Glimpse the Sun God

Glimpse the Sun God Limited: B
Constructed: C
This can be quite a powerful effect if played properly, I could potentially see this popping up in UW control and playable in Limited as something that will decimate a board stall or give you that one more turn you need to find the answer to your opponents creatures. Scrying 1 isn’t terrible but I wish it was scry X.

God-Favored General

God-Favored General Limited: C
Constructed: C
Simply put this guy litters the board with 1/1 tokens assuming you can figure out how to get him tapped and untapped, which may be a fairly hard thing to do with a 1/1 coming down on turn two and potentially attacking on turn three.


Ornitharch Limited: B
Constructed: D
This guy is a 3/3 flyer in white, which usually nets you a 4/4 flyer at 5 mana, but instead there is an option for your opponent, either you get 2 additional 1/1 flyers or it comes in as a 5/5 flyer. Either of which is good for 3WW mana on an uncommon card that also has evasion, at least in limited.


Sunbond Limited: D
Constructed: D
I don’t see this doing a lot of work, or winning many games in constructed or limited. Maybe I’m wrong and life gain is a thing, but this card is itching to be two for one’d either way.

Vanguard of Brimaz

Vanguard of Brimaz Limited: B
Constructed: C
This card may look like a bear at first, but I assure you it has the sneakiness of a cat and the vigilance of a soldier. What I mean by this is that there are some good things going for this creature. It has double white mana pips, which means it has potential to be placed in a mono-white devotion deck, it creates a token when targeted by a friendly spell, and has vigilance AND the tokens have vigilance which make it decent limited material.

Well it happened again, your not surprised though, you’re a champ if you made it this far.

Eidolon of Countless Battles

Eidolon of Countless Battles Limited: B
Constructed: C
This could be a card to draft around in limited, as if you have a lot of creatures and auras he could get quite large, and it fits well with whites theme of enchantments and auras.

Fated Retribution

Fated Retribution Limited: B
Constructed: C
If you play this at the right time, holding back creatures, you’ll probably win in limited. In constructed it might see some play in EDH, or the rare standard deck. It wipes the board of all creatures and planeswalkers. BAM. Scry 2.

Hero of Iroas

Hero of Iroas Limited: B
Constructed: B
This could be okay, it falls in line with Eidolon of Countless Battles not only that it makes bestow cost less and also is easier to cast then Vanguard of Brimaz.

Plea for Guidance

Plea for Guidance Limited: C
Constructed: C
Fetching gods in standard could be quite cruel; fetching random enchantments in limited is less cruel. Either way it’s mana cost is high and it doesn’t effect the board state immediately on turn 6, this may be pretty tough to play with.

Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel Limited: C
Constructed: D
A 4/6 with evasion is pretty good. The ability and mana cost are lame/high unless you can use the ability reliably to fetch cards from your graveyard, then it wouldn’t be so bad. I think this is what people who choose white are guaranteed to get at the prerelease. Enjoy.

Spirit of the Labyrinth

Spirit of the Labyrinth Limited: C
Constructed: B
In the right deck this can be a straight out beating. You’ve probably heard this before, but I don’t mind beating a dead something or other with a dead something or other so here it is. A person casts brainstorm, you Aether Vial this 3/1 on the battlefield in response, they take two cards from their hand and put it on top of their library. Ouch. That one scenario gets it a higher letter grade in constructed. But as for limited it’s mostly a 3/1 for two, a daring skyjek without the battalion effect. A Juliet without its Romeo. Dead.

Brimaz, King of Oreskos

Brimaz, King of Oreskos (King of Oreos)
Limited: A
Constructed: A
An aggressively mana costed 3/4 with Vigilance and the ability to create 1/1 vigilant tokens both when blocking and attacking, and they attack with you, with vigilance… Precinct Captain on steroids! I’d snap keep him in limited, and try to put him in any white deck in standard just because I think he’s awesome. Might go okay in a control shell too, they have been known to sneak things in like Thassa, God of the Sea, Soldier of the Pantheon, Precinct Captain, and Archangel of Thune from time to time, so why not this guy? I’ll take four copies please. All hail the king of this set, BRIMAZ!

Well that’s all for me! Hope all your pre-release went well, and enjoy playing the set! Feel free to leave comments below on what you think of certain cards, and possibly how they played for you at the pre-release!

Bramble out!