The cube is finally back!! I love cube and it is my favorite way to play Magic. I have my own 450 card cube but I do not get to play it nearly often enough. Some of my favorite cards include Reveillark, Phyrexian Metamorph, Phantasmal Image, Venser, the Sojourner, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Recurring Nightmare, Karmic Guide, and Sun Titan. In case you can’t tell, I love copying things and playing creatures with value. I generally don’t like aggro as I play cube for the interesting and unique combinations. However, due to the amount of fixing Wizards added to the online cube, people are building slower, multi-colored decks and that has made mono-red even better. I have drafted this list 5 or 6 times and have gone mono-red 4 times, and have done very well each time. I went into this with the idea that I was not going to draft mono-red as that does not make for interesting reading. Onto the draft

Pack 1 Pick 1

Plated geopedeIndrik stomphowlerChandra, the firebrandSundering titanWurmcoil engine
Wurmcoil was the easy first pick. I love that card so much. Was the win condition of my favorite Standard deck ever and is just an insane card in almost any deck. Thought about the ‘Walker for a minute as I like Planeswalkers a good amount in general. Considered Titan wheeling for either a ramp deck or a Tinker deck, both of which want Wurmcoil anyways.

Pack 1 Pick 2 Pick 2

Animate deadEmeria angelSylvan libraryBlood cryptLiliana vess
Elspeth tirel
Considered the ‘Walkers just because they are ‘Walkers. Really focused on Animate Dead and Library. Reanimator is a very strong deck, if you can get all the pieces and its hard to go in on a strategy when you don’t know if it will work out. I went with Library as it is a good card on its own and leans me in the ramp direction.

Pack 1 Pick 3

Mystical tutorEntombTwilight mireKeiga, the tide starVindicate
Vendilion cliqueThrun, the last troll
Went with Clique here but was very close to picking Thrun. Clique does not go into a ramp deck, but I am not in a ramp deck yet. Clique is a much stronger card than Thrun. G/U is not my favorite archtype, but its fine and it is also too early to close off options. I am really not a huge fan of Keiga, and I don’t want to take a gold card in 2 colors that I am not .

Pack 1 Pick 4

ReveillarkScalding tarnRestockNecromancyRancor
Welp, I almost never pass Lark, especially this early in the draft. It is so easy to abuse it with blink effects and good creatures. I am now very interested in blue as Lark works very very well with Clones and it is best in a U/W tempo deck. Necromancy here is a bit annoying as I have seen Animate Dead, Entomb, and now Necromancy. Fixing is important, but not nearly as good as Lark.

Pack 1 Pick 5

Llanowar elvesWorn powerstoneCryptic commandInferno titanOhran viper
Did not want to go into a fourth color so I can pass on the Titan. I don’t really like Cryptic due to mana issues and I like my counterspells to cost 2. I am more in U/W at the moment than green, so I can pass the Elf. Powerstone is an ok card and I am not unhappy taking it here.

Pack 1 Pick 6

Mana leakPristine talismanFlametongue kavuZealous conscriptsUlamog, the infinite gyre
Speaking of 2 mana counterspells…Mana Leak is obviously very good and I am happy to see it here. Thought about ulamaog here, but you really need the right deck for him and I am not in it. I am not as much of a fan of Talisman as I am of Powerstone.

Pack 1 Pick 7

Shardless agentNinja of the deep hoursMystic snakePernicious deed
Looked at Agent first, just because it is very strong in Constructed. Then I thought that there may be too many dead cards in a format where you can’t build around Cascade. Then I looked at the Snake. I had planned on going U/W but that does not seem to be open, so I’ll try out Simic. Ninja can be cool but almost always does not make the cut.

Pack 1 Pick 8

Momentary blinkTidingsWooded bastionMarsh flatsPristine angel
AAannndddd I am back to the blink plan. I took the whole time for this one. Tidings is very good in a U/G deck as you can ramp into it and it refills your hand after you are done ramping. Bastion is obviously fixing, which we do not have and I am going to most likely be at least splashing for the Lark. Ultimately, I go with the Blink. There are just too many sweet things you can do with Blink in cube to pass it up. I already have Lark, Snake, and Clique, all good with it and I will probably pick up even more.

Pack 1 Pick 9

Looter il-korIndrik stomphowlerJushi apprentice
Looter is just a solid card and there may be some weird situation in which I discard a couple creatures then blink the Lark to get them back.
Picks 10-15
Blood Crypt, Mystical Tutor, Phantasmal Bear, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, Ember Hauler, Ninja of the Deep Hours

Pack 2 Pick 1

ImpulseOustTrinket mageObstinate balothScroll rack
Solemn simulacrum
Solemn is just a solid card in any non-aggro deck. It fits perfectly in this deck as I seem to be splashing a color. It also can be returned with Lark, and can be abused with Blink effects. Scroll Rack is very strong if you have some way to shuffle your deck, and I would love to see Baloth come back as the mono-red deck is very strong.

Pack 2 Pick 2

Man-o’-warBasalt monolithStoneforge mysticScavenging oozeGarruk relentless
Another pick that I took a while with. It was between mainly Man-O-War, Garruk, and Ooze. Man-O-War is very good in the tempo/blink decks and can be retrived with Lark. Ooze can put a stop to many graveyard-based strategies, and Garruk is removal and value in a generally removal-light combination. I go with the Garruk for the removal and value. Being able to tutor up my Wurmcoil or Reveillark seems very good.

Pack 2 Pick 3

Forbidden alchemyNarcolepsyDeep analysisFact or fictionMurmuring bosk
Almost took Deep Analysis here before I saw the FoF. Obviously good. Card advantage. Instant Speed. So on and so on.

Pack 2 Pick 4

DismissOppositionPhantasmal imageBrushlandElesh norn
Phantasmal Image is an amazing card and I am super excited to take it. Giving you an additional ETB effect or large creature for 2 mana is great. It can also kill legends cheaply and can be abused with Lark. An all around great card. Opposition can be very annoying in the right U/G deck but that needs a lot of mana dorks and tokens, neither of which I have. Sad to pass fixing as we still don’t have any of that.

Pack 2 Pick 5

Wall of rootsHarmonizeRanger of eosWolfir silverheart
Wall is great at both accelerating and blocking, two things this deck would love to do better. Silvereart is better for the aggro deck.

Pack 2 Pick 6

CultivateKrosan gripVerdant catacombsSphinx of jwar islePhyrexian revoker
It fixes and accelerates, Cultivate is the pick here. Spinx is a fine finisher but there are better ones out there, not to mention it is kind of boring.

Pack 2 Pick 7

Court hussarJourney to nowhereJungle shrineThawing glaciers
Hussar is usually a pretty good card, but not worth a splash. Journey, on the other hand, is worth a splash as it is removal. I am still passing on fixing and that is starting to really worry me.

Pack 2 Pick 8

Wickerbough elderDazeGrasslands
Ok, fine, I’ll take the stupid fixing…But really, I am happy to finally get some kind of mana fixing.

Pack 2 Pick 9

OustScroll rackTrinket mage
I have nothing go get with Mage, so I can ignore that already. I would like to play Rack, if I get a few shuffle effects.
Picks 10-15
Serum Visions, Deep Analysis, Dismiss, Tendrils of Agony, Genesis, Thawing Glaciers

Pack 3 Pick 1

Kodama’s reachBlue elemental blastGenesis wavePhyrexian metamorphVenser, shaper savant
Tamiyo, the moon sage
Yes, I am taking Metamorph over a ‘Walker. Metamorph does so many good things; copying the huge creatures and killing legends like usual but you can copy plenty of good artifacts, usually equipment. It is also pretty good with Lark and blinking. I hope Reach tables but I really doubt it will.

Pack 3 Pick 2

Fyndhorn elvesThirst for knowledgeFiend hunterVengevine
Ugh, this pack is unexciting. Although it is undewhelming, a mana dork is a fine pick up.

Pack 3 Pick 3

Knight of gloryWillbenderFauna shamanSavannahAngel of serenity
I had to fight myself to not take that Angel. If I had a few more pieces of fixing, I would have. But that does not mean I was unhappy with the Shaman. Being able to search out my Clones seems pretty strong.

Pack 3 Pick 4

Vines of vastwoodMirran crusaderFrost titan
These packs have seemed very weak, someone probably got into green and/or blue one or two seats to my right during pack 2. Anyway, Titan is a fine finisher and a great creature to clone.

Pack 3 Pick 5

Moment’s PeaceElves of deep shadowWake thrasher
Again, the mana guy is not exciting but a good pick-up.

Pack 3 Pick 6

Simic growth chamberCelestial purgeStrangleroot geistGreat sable stag
I did not want to take the bounce land here as any kind of land destruction is a complete blow-out. I would have preferred Purge or Geist to side in against the mono-red deck as I am pretty weak to it at the moment. But my lack of fixing thus far lead me to grab the land.

Pack 3 Pick 7

MiscalculationSunpetal groveAdarkar wastes
Man, Miscalculation is really good. But I still need the fixing here. Either of the lands are fine as my green and blue are about even but Grove does not hurt me so it gets the nod.

Pack 3 Pick 8

Into the roilFlooded groveSelesnya sanctuary
Heh, I am used to getting all my fixing in the first 5 or 6 picks of a draft as I value it pretty high, but I am no complaining getting it all now. I am not playing 2 bounce lands for the same weakness as I stated above.
Picks 9-15
Falkenrath Aristocrat, Goblin Guide, Future Sight, Vines of Vastwood, Nekrataal, Nature’s Claim, Lake of the Dead

This deck is ok. It does not have a great game against heavy aggro or heavy control but it looks like it can handle any midrange deck or a slightly weaker aggro or control deck. I would give this deck a 7.5-8.

M1G1 against HerosN
I keep a land-heavy hand of 3 Islands, Forest, Flooded Grove, Mana Leak, and Reveillark. I just hope I am not up against the mono-red deck. I drop an Island and pass. He confirms my fears when he unleashes a Rakdos Cackler on his first turn. I drop another Island and will Leak whatever he plays. He swings then drops a Lightning Mauler, which eats the Mana Leak. I play a land and pass. He comes in again then drops a Cursed Scroll and a Keldon Marauder, dropping me to 15. I play a Forest and play my Metamorph, copying Marauders. Its not how I prefer to use my Morph, but it will block for a couple of turns and that is all I need. He shows no fear and swings in with both. I block the Cackler and I go to 12. After combat, he plays a Mogg War Marshall and misses a land drop. I play another land and a Worn Powerstone. He does not pay the Echo and the Marauders lose their last Vanishing counter. His board is just 2 1/1 Goblins, much less scary. He destroys my Stone and takes me to 8 with Smash to Smithereens. My copied Marauders die, taking him to 18. I play a freshly-drawn Sunpetal Grove to play my Lark. On his turn, he attacks with both his Goblins. I decide to not block as I have Blink in hand and I really want to Blink Lark to get back Metamorph. I go to 6 and he plays a face-down creature. I draw and play my Wurmcoil Engine and suddenly I feel ok about the game. I play a Flooded Grove and pass. He passes his turn. I attack with the Wurm, tying up the score at 12 apiece. At the end of my turn, he points a Magma Jet at me and puts both card on top. On his turn he plays and cracks a Bloodstained Mire. He then runs out a Hero of Oxid Ridge and attacks with the team. I play my Momentary Blink on Lark, getting back Morph, copying Wurmcoil and he concedes.

I mulligan and then keep a hand of Island, Growth Chamber, Looter, Metamorph, Blink, and Cultivate. He makes a Spikeshot Elder and Skullcracks me on turn 2. I start with Island into Thawing Glaciers. He attacks me for 1 down to 15 and plays a morph creature. On my turn, I activate Glaciers to get my Plains, then play Growth Chamber, returning the Glaciers that was coming back to my hand anyway. He plays Hero of Oxid Ridge and gets in the with the team. I go to 6. I play another Island and run out Reveillark. He drops Giant Solifuge for the rub-ins and kills me.

I keep Grassland, 2 Islands, Cultivate, Mystic Snake, Fauna Shaman, and Lark. He mulls to 5. I start the match with Grasslands. He plays a land. I pop the land for a Forest and drop an Island into Fauna Shaman. Shaman can run away with the game pretty quickly. He plays a Mountain and Magma Jets the Shaman, putting 1 card on the bottom and 1 card on top. I play a land and accelerate with Cultivate. He plays a Tangle Wire. On my turn, in response to the Tangle Wire, I tap all my land and play Snake. I have Blink in hand so I can use that to counter his next play. He taps his 3 permanents and then plays Keldon Marauders. I tap my permanents and leave up mana for Blink. He attempts to play Giant Solifuge, which I counter by Blinking my Mystic Snake. He attacks me to 16. I tap a land and my Snake and play a land and Frost Titan, tapping down a Mountain. His Marauders fade from existence and deal me 1 more parting shot. He plays a Cunning Sparkmage and a Rakdos Cackler. I attack with both my guys, tapping down his Sparkmage and he goes to 12 and I pass. He attempts to play Hellrider, but I flashback Blink on my Snake to counter it and he concedes.

M2G1 against hotsauce11
I keep 4 Forests, Scroll Rack, FoF (Fact or Fiction), and Lark. I play a Forest and he plays Mutavault. I play another Forest and the Rack, while he spends his turn activating and attacking with the Vault. On my turn, I activate the Rack, getting rid of 3 basic lands. I play my Fyndhorn Elves and a Growth Chamber. He plays a Forest and a TRoll Ascetic. I play an Island and pass with FoF up. He attacks with Troll and I go to 15. He drops a Shardless Agent, Cascading into a very annoying Naturalize, targeting my Rack. I FoF in respons and he seperates the piles into 2 Forests and Mana Leak in one and Glaciers and Phantasmal Image in the other. I take the land and Image and let Naturalize resolve. I play Image, copying Troll so I can block it. And play Looter il-Kor. He makes a Trygon Predator and a Llanowar Elves and passes. I attack with Looter and play a land and Reveillark with Blink up. He plays SoFI (Sword of Fire and Ice) and equips to his Predator. He attacks and I block with Lark and Blink it to keep Lark alive so I can play the Metamorph in hand next turn to copy SoFI and put it on Lark. On my turn I do exactly that. On his turn he attacks with the Predator, clearly telegraphing a trick as my Lark just kills it. But if he has a trick to kill the Morph then it just comes back as a Trygon when Lark dies so I can crack back and destroy the SoFI. I block with the Lark and he plays Snapcaster Mage to Flashback Naturalize. My SoFI dies and Lark follows shortly. The Lark reanimates the Metamorph and I copy Trygon. I attack with my Predator and destroy his SoFI, then I drop Wurmcoil and pass. He attacks with Trygon and destroys Coil, giving me 2 3/3s. He plays Green Sun’s Zenith for 4 and finds Thrun, the Last Troll and passes. At his EoT (end of turn), I activate Glaciers. I replay Glaciers and Sylvan Library, which works very well with Glaciers. He attacks with both his Trolls and I block Thrun with my copied Troll and regen. I go to 8. I attack back with my Wurm tokens. I trade the life-linking wurm for his Mutavault and he takes 3. I play Solemn and pass. I am running pretty low on time at this point and starting to run low on cards. He attacks with Thrun and I block and regen my Troll. He plays Scavenging Ooze and exiles my Momentary Blink right away. I Glaciers at EoT. I attack with Looter and play both Deep Analysis and Wall of Roots. At my EoT, he exiles my Coil and my Lark. He plays a land and passes. I play Garruk and fight his Trygon, which flips my Garruk. I attack with my own Trygon and destroy Shardless Agent. I tick up Gerruk to get a Wolf and pass. He plays a land and passes. At EoT I activate Glaciers just to shuffle away the land and Cultivate on top of my library and I choose not to find a land. I play Journey to Nowhere on Ooze, attack with Trygon, I get another Wolf with Garruk. He concedes.

I keep with Forest, Island, Rack, Blink, Elves, Library, and Metamorph. We both start with turn 1 Elves. He plays an Island and passes. I drop my Sylvan Library. He Naturalizes my Library at my EoT. He plays and cracks a Misty Rainforest so he can drop Thrun. I play Plains and Wall of Roots. I put a counter on my Wall, tap my Elves of Deep Shadow, and pay 2 life to play Morph to kill his Thrun. I am now at 17. He plays Yavimaya Coast and passes. I play Scroll Rack and attack him to 18. He cycles Miscalculation at EoT. He plays Green Sun’s for 4, finding Vengevine and attacks me to 13. I activate Rack for 3. On my turn, I activate Rack for 2 and play Solemn, shuffling away my worst cards. He attacks with the Vine and I chump with Solemn. I have Frost Titan in hand and I just want to keep my life up long enough for Titan to do its thing. He plays a Borderland Ranger. I play a land and Lark, with enough mana up to play Mana Leak. He plays an Island and Opposition. I Mana Leak it even though he can pay it just so he has to tap his Elves so he can’t tap something with it. He taps my Lark with Ranger and attacks me to 8. I attack back with Lark and he falls to 14. I drop the Frost Titan to keep his angry plant tapped. He plays SoFI and equips Ranger and passes. He taps my Lark so I can’t attack with it. I play Blink on Lark, returning Metamorph and Solemn. Metamorph copies Titan to keep Vine tapped. On his turn he plays Snapcaster to replay Naturalize, targeting my artificial Titan, but it is countered as he forgets to pay the 2 mana for Titans ability. I play Image, copying Titan to tap his Elves, he responds by tapping Lark, and pass. He passes his turn. He targets my Imaged Titan before attacks, destroying it. I attack with 2 Titans and a Lark. He blocks 1 Titan with his equipped Ranger and takes 10. He plays Genesis Wave for 4 and gets Predator and Scavenging Ooze and scoops.

M3G1 against js_314
I keep 2 Islands, Grassland, Looter, FoF, Blink, and Journey. I start with Grasslands and he starts with Swamp into Putrid Imp. I sac my Grassland for a Plains and play an Island and Looter. He plays Rocky Tar Pit and attacks for 1. I play a land and attack with Looter. I discard Deep Analysis and flash it back. He attacks me down to 15 and cracks his fetch land. He then drops Palladium Myr. I attack with Looter and play an land. I pass with FoF mana open. He plays Faithless Looting and discards Grislebrand and Entomb. This is not good for me. While i can kill legends with my clones, he can reanimate them. I FoF at Eot. He makes the piles Wall, Elves, and Worn Powerstone in one and Lark with Sunpetal Grove in the other. I take Lark and the green mana. I play my Grove and attack with Looter, discarding Solemn. I play my Lark and pass. He flips his morph at Eot and it is Vesuvan Shapeshifter and he copies my Lark. He taps out to play Consecrated Sphinx. He gets to draw 2 cards off of me before I can send the Sphinx on a Journey to Nowhere. i play Growth Camber and get in there with Looter. He plays Mesmeric Fiend to look at my full grip. After a while he takes Mana Leak, and I see why as soon as he plays Recurring Nightmare and I know I am pretty much dead. He sacs his Lark to Recurring Nightmare and Lark’s ability returns Shapeshifter to play and he recopies Lark. That’s cute. He reanimates Grislebrand with Nightmare’s ability and he activates Grisle. He plays a land and passes. I play Frost Titan to tap down his Grisle. My idea is to play a few copies of Titan to tap down any fliers he may have and get there in the air and with Looter. I attack with Looter, he is at 8. He plays a land and Nightmare. He sacks Lark and gets back Lark and Baleful Strix with Lark’s ability. Nightmare gets back Grave Titan. He discards FTK (Flame-Tongue Kavu)to Putrid Imp and replays Nightmare. He sacs Grisle to get back FTK and he kills my Looter. I just scoop at this point as he is getting way more value each turn than I can hope to deal with and he can kill any fliers I get with FTK.

I keep 2 Forests, Clique, Leak, FoF, Wall, and Looter. I play a Wall on turn 2 and he plays a Strix. I play flooded Grove and play Vendillion Clique on his draw step. I see Thoughtsieze, Forbidden Alchemy, Skinrender, Glen Elendra Archmage, Faithless Looting, Mountain, and Jushi Apprentice. I take Thoughtsieze. He plays an island that he drew off Clique and Alchemy. I play Looter with an Island and Wall and I leave up 4 for Mystic Snake. He plays the Mountain and Skinrender. I am not sure if this was the right play but I counter it with Snake. He plays Archmage and I FoF in response. I take Powerstone and Plains over Growth Chamber, Journey, and Forest. I play Deep Analysis and attack with Looter. He plays Looting and Jushi Apprentice and passes. I replay Deep Analysis and Thawing Glaciers. I attempt Scroll Rack but it gets countered by Archmage. I reun out both my Elves and pass. He attacks with Archmage to put me at 16. Then he throws down a Grave Titan. I play Frost Titan to tap down his Titan and pass. He plays Animate Dead targeting Vesuvan Shapeshifter. I play Blink, targeting Snake and that eats the second Archmage counter. Animate Dead resolves and he gets a second Grave Titan. I play a Fauna Shaman, thinking there may be something I can do with Wurmcoil and clones to get back in this but he attacks all out to put mt to 2 and I only have a minute and a half so I scoop.

I did not mind losing to that deck as it seemed really strong. My deck did very well and I was surprised I beat mono-red. Granted, he did mull to 5 game 3, but it was a good mull. I hope you enjoyed the draft and feel free to leave a comment. See you next time.