Hello all, I’m back with an ISD draft. I really like ISD as the cards are very flavorful, there are many strategies, and there is not one dominant deck.

Pack 1 Pick 1

Forge devilWrack with madnessHinterland hermitStormbound geistUndying evil
Strangleroot geist
Not a bad opening pack. I am not a huge fan of red in this format as I can never get R/G Werewolves to work for me. My favorite decks in ISD are G/B Morbid, B/W tokens/sac, and either U/G/b or U/B/g self-mill. Spider Spawning is probably my favorite limited card of all time. None of the red cards are strong enough to put me into red and Undying Evil is not really a first pick, nor is Stormbound Geist. Strangleroot Geist fits into either the Morbid deck or the self-mill deck or can be put into an aggressive deck if that is what is open.

Pack 1 Pick 2

Torch fiendLoyal catharWild hungerSkillful lungeStromkirk captain
Geralf’s mindcrusher
Torch Fiend, Lunge, and Cathar are not as powerful as any of the other cards. Wild Hunger is very good but again, I can’t seem to get that deck to work for me. Captain is good but I passed a few red cards and that would be putting me into 2 colors that I am not at this moment. Mindcruchser is very strong. He can mill yourself in the self-mill decks, mill your opponents in that kind of deck, or he can just be a 5/5 beatstick with Undying.

Pack 1 Pick 3

Stormbound geistEvolving wildsSilverclaw griffinRelentless skaabWakedancer
Blue seems to be open from, at least, 2 seats to my right. I have always loved Relentless Skaabs. A 4/4 is big enough to win most fights in ISD and a 5/5 is even better. He is almost always a 2 for 1 that puts you pretty far ahead. I am pretty bummed to pass Wake Dancer as I really like her. A U/x self-mill deck looks pretty promising but it is still early.

Pack 1 Pick 4

Black catGriptideHunger of the howlpackElgaud inquisitorUndying evil
Burden of guiltDiregraf captainSkirsdag flayer
Well, this is a pack. First thing I notice is a lack of green cards, it seems to be getting cut. the only blue card, Griptide, is not strong enough to take here. So, another color. Inquisitor and Burden are both good but I like the black options better so I look at those. Evil is not the strongest so it’s between Captain and Flayer. Flayer is great in the B/W tokens/sac deck and it doesn’t look like I am heading in that direction. I already have 2 Zombies so I take the Captain and I will be keeping an eye open for more Zombies and Zombie interactions.

Pack 1 Pick 5

Niblis of the mistBone to ashDeath’s caressBurden of guiltFarbog boneflinger
White still seems to be coming but so does the black so I have no reason to switch. The pick here is between Boneflinger and Caress. Boneflinger is good in that it is a Zombie for the Captain and a creture for any of my future Skaabs to remove from the yard; however, it is conditional removal and has been a little disappointing in my experience. Caress may be unexciting, but it is unconditional removal and that sounds good to me.

Pack 1 Pick 6

Forge devilHeadless skaabChant of the skifsangYoung wolf
Headless Skaab is easily the worst Skaab so i usually don’t like taking it as it eats a creature that one of your other Zombies may need. Chant may not get the creature of the board, but it neutralizes the creature pretty well.

Pack 1 Pick 7

Thought scourChill of foreboding
Chill can be very strong in a very dedicated elf-mill deck but it does not look like we are going in that direction. Scour is a perfect amount of self-mill as it can get creatures in the yard for our Zombies and it replaces itself.

Pack 1 pick 8

GravepurgeElgaud inquisitorSightless ghoulGruesome discovery
Complete mispick here. Sightless Ghoul is really not a great creature, but I need cretures for my graveyard and it is good with Captain. i think I was thinking about milling myself too much or something like that. Maybe it was just temporary insanity.
Picks 9-15
Saving Grasp, Skillful Lunge, Saving Grasp, Undying Evil, Gruesome Discovery, Executioner’s Hood, Mountain

Pack 2 Pick 1

Avacyn’s pilgrimFortress crabFeeling of dreadSplinterfright
Well this sucks. There is not a single good card for me. Fortress crab is ok but not first pick material. I take Fright as a good way to get creatures in the yard but I am not happy about it.

Pack 2 Pick 2

Victim of nightPrey uponBrain weevilRotting fensnakeCurse of oblivion
Fiend hunter
Another blah kind of pack. At least this one has a good removal spell. I hope Curse tables as i like having one or two of those in the board against the self-mill deck.

Pack 2 Pick 3

Silent departureDead weightDisciple of griselbrand
At least I have some options in this pack. Departures is obviously strong in that it can be used twice and also if it gets milled, but I prefer the permanence of solid removal so i take the Dead Weight here. It is about this time that I realize I am VERY light on creatures.

Pack 2 Pick 4

GhoulraiserSensory deprivationDream twistHeartless summoning
Sensory is a strong card and i have tried to make Heartless work before but I need creatures pretty bad so Raiser is the pick.

Pack 2 Pick 5

Prey uponStromkirk patrolRotting fensnakeSkaab goliath
Fensnake is very unexciting and Goliath ends games quickly if you can get him out. I also need to start looking for ways to get cards in my graveyard. Cards like Deranged Assistant and Forbidden Alchemy would be very welcome.

Pack 2 Pick 6

Deranged assistantFrightful delusionDelver of secrets
“Ask and ye shall receive” Exactly what this deck needs. I would take 3 more of these guys.

Pack 2 Pick 7

Typhoid ratsGhoulcaller’s chantUnburial rites
That is a very late Rites and i consider splashing for it but, at this time, I am already splashing for Splinter Fright. Chant is fine here but i probably should have taken the Rats just to boost my creature count.

Pack 2 Pick 8

Delver of secretsSensory deprivationShimmering grotto
Chant does a good creature impersonation. i would not mind a Grotto at some point but I do not need it here.
Picks 9-15
Night Terrors, Curse of Oblivion, Doomed Traveler, Night Terrors[/card], Corpse Lunge, Plains, Island

Pack 3 Pick 1

Walking corpseDiregraf ghoulBattleground geistShimmering grotto
Would be happy with either Zombie here. I take the 1 drop as it is easier to cast if I return it with Ghoulraiser and 1 drops are good against Werewolves.

Pack 3 Pick 2

Victim of nightThink twiceSilver-inlaid daggerGrasp of phantoms
Ugh, not a creature to be seen. I am not too unhappy with the removal spell though.

Pack 3 Pick 3

Victim of nightBrain weevilClaustrophobiaRotting fensnake
I just need creatures at this point.

Pack 3 Pick 4

Altar’s reapCuriosityCorpse lunge
Man, I thought my colors were at least a bit more open than this. Things do not look good for the home team.

Pack 3 Pick 5

Selhoff occultistLost in the mistManor skeleton
That’s what I want! A creature with a decent body and can also get creatures into my graveyard. Although, I only have 2 skaabs at this point and it doesn’t look like i will be getting many more so that may not be an issue.

Pack 3 Pick 6

Victim of nightSelhoff occultistManor skeletonMindshrieker
Ok, maybe blue has been open and the packs have just been really bad for blue? In any case, i am more than happy with the bird.

pack 3 Pick 7

Moon heronSensory deprivationBrain weevilShimmering grotto
Another much needed creature here, it even flies!

Pack 3 Pick 8

Ghoulcaller’s chantThink twiceSkaab goliath
I don’t really want another Goliath as it is a 6 drop and needs 2 creatures in the yard but I take it here anyway.
Picks 9-15
Battleground Geist, Grasp of Phantoms, Brain Weevil, Curiosity, Manor Skeleton, Skeletal Grimace, Swamp

I do not like this deck. I had to run some very sub-par creatures just to up the creature count. It is missing some of the Zombies that really make Zombie decks work, like Stitched Drake or Makeshift Mauler. It has some decent removal so that helps but overall i would give this deck a 5 or 5.5.

M1G1 against ears_88
i keep a hand of Swamp, Island, Diegraf Ghoul, Chant, Ghoulraiser and Undying Evil. I play my Ghoul on turn 1 and it gets in for 2 before he plays a Hinterland Hermit on turn 2 to hold it back. I miss my third land drop and keep Ghoul back with Undying Evil to trade with his flipped Hermit. He does not attack and instead plays a Dawntreader Elk. i miss my land again and pass. He plays a land a attacks with his Elk. I would not mind trading with Undying Evil, but if I play the Evil he will just sac the elk and I would be down a card so I just take it. I draw and play Thought Scour, milling 2 lands (of course) but i draw a Swamp and I play it. End of my turn, he sacs his Elk to get another land. His turn he sends my Ghoul and my Island Into the Maw of Hell. I give my Ghoul Undying and he attacks me to 15. I miss land again and play a Manor Skeleton to attack with my Ghoul, bringing him to 14. He drops and Ulvenwald Mystics and attacks for another 3. I draw another Swamp and attack for 3. His Werewolf flips and he attacks with both. I have to block the Hinterland so I do and regenerate. I draw another unplayable card and scoop.

I keep Swamp, Island, Assistant, Dead Weight, Mindshrieker, Undying, and Goliath. I play my Assistant and he plays his Hermit. I play my Shrieker and he attacks for 2. I mill him before blocks and get a land. I miss my land drop and pass. I plan on milling 2 cards and as long as I don’t hit 2 straight lands, I will at least trade with his wolf. Was that enough foreshadowing? Yup, I hit both lands and his Wolf eats my Mindshrieker. I am not happy. He plays a post-combat Russet Wolves. I put a Dead Weight on his Hermit, Chant back my Shrieker, Re play the bird, and pass, leaving Undying Evil up. He attacks me with his Wolves down to 15. He then plays a Galvanic Juggernaut. i play an Island and leave 6 mana up for Mindshrieker. He attacks with both and I mill Nightbird’s Clutches and Riot Devils to make my bird a 6/6. I block his Juggernaut and he flashes in Briarpack Alpha to pump the artifact. I respond with an Undying Evil on my bird. I go to 12 and the Bird comes back. He plays Prey Upon, making my bird fight his Alpha. this also untaps his Juggernaut, good turn for him. I draw an unplayable card and scoop.

Wel, I cant always record winners. I made some pick mistakes but I just got a bit unlucky with my land draws, it happens. See you next week with, hopefully, a better draft.