And I’m back, bringing you an M13 draft this time. I actually like M13. I think it has plenty of different archtypes that are playable and there are some decent money cards. It is also not all about the bombs, which is nice. Onto the draft.

Pack 1 Pick 1

Divine verdictCentaur CourserElvish VisionaryMark of the VampireMwonvuli Beast Tracker
Primordial Hydra
A decent first pack. Primordial Hydra is a legit bomb that can easily win you the game on its own. It is especially nice that you can play it anywhere on your curve and it is at its best when played for 5 as it will be a 10/10 with trample the next turn. Also, waiting until turn 7 or 8 gives your opponent plenty of time to burn their removal spells on your non-Hydra creatures. Mildly annoying that I am passing a few green cards but you can’t worry about that too much when you open a bomb like Hydra.

Pack 1 Pick 2

Essence DrainAven SquireGiant ScorpionArbor ElfKnight of Glory
Mindclaw ShamanHealer of the pride
A lot of options here. I can stay on color with the Elf, which also helps me ramp out my Hydra and any other big green guys I pick up. i can take Squire, Knight, or Healer but I really dont like G/W due to a lack of good removal, other than Pacifism. Mindclaw Shaman can do some dirty things but I don’t like cards when I don’t know exactly what they will do. That leaves Scorpion and Essence Drain. I do like G/B as there are good creatures everywhere on your curve and black gives you solid removal. Essence Drain is one piece of said removal so I take it.

Pack 1 Pick 3

Divine verdictTurn to slagDuty-bound deadCrimson muckwaderShimian specter
Another decent pack. Duty-Bound is really good in the B/W Exalted deck and it is ok in other black decks. A couple good red cards that make me consider dropping green for, for just a second anyway. Specter is unexciting but fine.

Pack 1 Pick 4

Liliana’s shadeCrippling blightGoblin battle jesterTimberpack wolfHamletback goliath
Green does not seem to be flowing. i seriously consider dropping green for the red at this point but I don’t. Shade is still a perfectly fine black card and I would like to stay in color as much as possible. Wolf is a hard card to evaluate. You really have to jump into it early and hope you get more. I have had drafts where i picked him high only to get 1 more all draft. And then I have had a deck that had 6 Timberpacks (I 3-0 that one easily). I stick with the safer card here in the end.

Pack 1 Pick 5

Mind rotDivinationArchaeomancerChandra’s furyYeva’s forcemage
Spiked baloth
Plenty of options but nothing exciting. Archaeomancer is sweet with Drain but i don’t have any other targets for it at the moment. Divination is solid in control decks but not good enough to change colors for. Rot will probably table and Fury is a good signal for the person to my left to be in red, if they are not already. I want to take one of the green cards and I go with Forcemage as it is lower on the curve and I am not a huge fan of Baloth.

Pack 1 Pick 6

Welkin ternFarseekEvolving wildsPrimal huntbeastRevive
Well here are a couple of solid green cards. I take the ramp spell as it fixes better than Wilds, if I need the splash, and helps power out any fatties I get. Hunbeast is perfectly fine but green has no shortage of large creatures and i can probably get one later if I really want it.

Pack 1 Pick 7

Bloodthrone vampirePrimal huntbeastCower in fear
A good sign for black. Cower can be a huge blowout or just a solid combat trick. Another Huntbeast sighting gives me hope that green is open. Even though I don’t have much in the way of green cards, I still really want to run my Hydra.

Pack 1 Pick 8

Arbor elfBloodthrone vampireRanger’s path
i like seeing an Elf this late. The Path is usually not needed, unless you are running 5 or 6 cards above 4 mana. The Elf should ramp me enough.

Pack 1 Pick 9

Walking corpseBond beetleBattleflight eagle
Not flashy but my curve needs to be lowered a bit, so I am happy with the evil Grizzly Bear.
Picks 10-15
Vastwood Gorger, Serpent’s Gift, Vile Rebirth[/card], Mind Rot, Revive, Plains

Pack 2 Pick 1

PacifismRavenous ratsDeadly recluseSearing spearRoaring primadox
Arms dealerOdric, master tactician
Lots of good cards in this pack but not many in my colors. I do have the option to splash removal with the Farseek, but i would prefer not to if I have the choice as black has pretty good removal as well. So it’s between Primadox and Recluse. Primadox can do some stupid things with creatures like Elvish Visionary or Bloodhunter Bat but i don’t have any of them yet so I go with the safer pick of Deadly Recluse.

Pack 2 Pick 2

DuressVastwood gorgerFarseekJayemdae tomeElixir of immortality
I still feel that acceleration is more important than the fatties at this point. The Gorger may even wheel. I like having one Elixir in my pool for sideboard tech against mill.

Pack 2 Pick 3

PacifismVastwood gorgerWalking corpse
With the 2 Farseeks, I feel like I can reliably splash the removal spell.

Pack 2 Pick 4

Primal huntbeastPrey uponTimberpack wolfRoaring primadox
Well, green seems to be open. I still don’t have anything stupid to do with Primadox and I still dont want to jump on the Wolf train. I would much rather have the removal spell than the 3/3 creature so I take the Prey Upon.

Pack 2 Pick 5

Ravenous ratsQuirion dryadCower in fear
Would like a Rats or 2 in the final 40, but happily take another Cower here.

Pack 2 pick 6

NaturalizeMaster’s callRevive
Hmmmm, does not look like green or black are open from this direction. Naturalize is fine for the sideboard.

Pack 2 Pick 7

Primal huntbeastMark of the vampire
I finally manage to snag a Huntbeast. I did go back and forth between these 2 cards for sometime before realizing I just need the creatures.

Pack 2 Pick 8

Vastwood gorgerVile rebirth
Happy to pick up a big creature here.
Picks 9-15
Ravenous Rats, Elixir or Immortality, Serpent’s Gift, Primal Huntbeastthis is a late gift, Disentomb, Plains, Island.

Pack 3 Pick 1

FarseekReviveVampire nighthawk
An extremely exciting card out of a very non-exciting pack.

Pack 3 Pick 2

Ravenous ratsServant of nefaroxRancorPredatory rampage
Ding! Ding! Ding! If you haven’t played limited before, this card is INSANE! Rancor can turn any of your small or medium sized creatures into serious threats. And it is very difficult to get rid of. I am very happy to take this.

Pack 3 Pick 3

Sign in bloodLiliana’s shadeSentinel spiderFungal sprouting
Would like the Sign in Blood but i still need some creatures and a Spider is a good creature to ramp into. Would like if the Shade wheeled but I doubt it will.

Pack 3 pick 4

Duty-bound deadDuskmantle prowlerAcidic slimeJayemdae tome
I, along with Conley Woods, absolutely love Acidic Slime. There is nothing in the pack that really compares with it and I gladly add it to my pile.

Pack 3 Pick 5

Essence drainTimberpack wolfGiant scorpionPrimal clay
A late piece of removal that I am more than happy to take here. Would have been 3 Wolves at this point but I don’t feel bad for not having them.

Pack 3 Pick 6

Dark favorFungal sproutingBoundless realms
Not going to lie, I thought about the Realms for a little bit. Getting almost every land out of your deck in the late game is very appealing. But it just costs too much for that effect. I take the Sprouting but I doubt I will play it as it is another card that does not have a specific effect.

Pack 3 Pick 7

Titanic growthDisentomb
Growth is a fine combat trick and I am glad to see it this late.

Pack 3 Pick 8

Bond beetleVolcanic geyser
My curve is a tad bit high but it should be ok with the 2 Farseeks and the Shade so I don’t think I have to run the Beetle. That is also a really late Geyser…

Pack 3 Pick 9

Spelltwine can be a very powerful card and I do have a few spells I would not mind replaying with it. If my opponent has a bunch of good ones, I will definitely consider splashing for it.
Picks 10-15
plummet, Naturalize, vedalken entrancer, gem of becoming, forest, Plains

This deck is not bad. i feel like its main weakness is a slight lack of creatures. But i would still give it a 7.5. It has some very high impact cards like Hydra, Nighthawk, and Rancor that should all be able to put games away. Unfortunately, I was very sick while recording this and could not take as good of notes as I usually do.

I play Rats, Corpse, and Shade before his first creature, Fog Bank. I assume he has Cancel, as he doesn’t play anything for the next 2 turns while I play my Spider. I attack with my team and he flashes in Faerie Invaders, which I really should have been playing around. He kills off my Corpse and he goes to 9. I play Specter after combat. He passes again. I swing with Spider and Shade to take him to 7 then he Essence Drains my Nighthawk. He steals my Specter for the turn with [card[Mark of Mutiny[/card] and attacks me to see what I have in hand, which is just a Forest by this point. I trade my enhanced Specter for his Invaders next turn and play Hydra for 4 and he concedes.

He plays a very annoying turn 1 Kraken Hatchling which blocks my turn 2 rats very well. He plays a Wind Drake which I can’t stop until I play my Huntbeast and Prey upon the 2 of them. He plays Flames of the Firebrand to kill both my Rats and my fresh Liliana’s Shade. I play 2 more creatures while he does nothing. He goes to 8 before he Encrusts my Deadly Recluse. I play Gorger to get the Cancel, that I assume he has, out of his hand. But he doesn’t have it anyway. He kills my Gorger next turn with Divine Verdict His Hatchling has been blocking my Huntbeast the entire game. i attack him down to 2 next turn and attempt to Drain him for the win but he plays Redirect to kill my Corpse. I end the turn with a Cower to finally kill his Hatchling. He draws and concedes.

He comes out strong with a turn 1 Cronomoton and i answer with a Recluse. He plays a Mogg Flunkies while I seek Farseek out another Swamp. He attacks with both and I trade my spider for his artifact. He follows it up with a Bladetusk Boar. I play Specter and he drops Hellion Crucible and attacks me down to 11. I swing with my Specter and see Liliana of the Dark Realms and Knight of Infamy. He is stuck on all Mountains and I take his Knight. I play Gorger and then Acidic Slime the next turn to destroy his Crucible and he concedes.

He mulls to 4 but plays a turn 2 Crimson Muckwader followed by a turn 3 Knight of Infamy. I curve out with Arbor Elf, Walking Corpse, and Liliana’s shade and the race was on. He is attacking for 4 each turn with the Muckwader and I am pinging him down with the Corpse. He plays Liliana of the Dark Realms and uses it to kill my Shade. I play Gorger and he concedes.

He plays War Falcon and Knight of Glory. I play Cower before his attacks on turn 3. He follows that up with a Krenko’s Command. He plays Bladetusk Boar and i play Corpse. He plays Dragon Hatchling and attacks me down to 14. At end of turn I play another Cower, killing 3 of his creatures. i get my first damage in with Corpse and play Gorger. He hits me for another 3 and passes with 5 mana up and 4 cards in hand. I kill his Boar with Prey Upon and hit with the Corpse, I keep the Gorger back to play around his very obvious Divine Verdict. i keep pecking with my Corpse and he plays War Priest of Thune, still leaving 4 mana open. I draw and play Rancor on the Corpse and he trades his Priest with my Corpse and he goes down to 12. He passes. I play Nighthawk and pass. He plays Knight of Glory and passes. I play Rancor on the Nighthawk and attack into his Divine Verdict. Next turn I stick Rancor on Gorger and swing. He blocks with the Knight and plays Trumpet Blast. I am not exactly sure what he was thinking but I’m sure he thought that would kill the Gorger but it didn’t and he concedes.

We play our first creatures on turn 3; mine a Nighthawk and his a Wall of Fire. I attack with the Hawk and play Deadly Recluse. He plays Knight of Glory and Ring of Valkas. He swings with Knight and I trade with my spider. Then plays Sands of Delirium, that will be a problem. I play Huntbeast and attack him to 16. He mills 1 at EOT. I draw Acidic Slime but i only have 1 Forest. I attack with both my creatures and he blocks Huntbeast with his Wall and pumps it for lethal. I Essence Drain the Wall and he finishes the turn by milling 3. He plays War Priest and passes. I draw the Forest on the last window of opportunity I had before getting decked. I then swing in and he chumps with the Priest.I play the Slime to take out the Sands and he comments on how lucky i am. He draws his card then concedes.

Hope you enjoyed it. I am really trying to get my friends together so I can record a Cube draft but illness and personal lives keep getting in the way. Until next time.