Hello everyone. The pre-release is out now but I am resisting for the moment. I tend to wait a little while for the release events. Unfortunately, most people are playing in the pre release so if you want to do something else, you have to do whatever has the most people. Thats a bit of an exageration, but the point is I did not want to wait for an hour for something else to fire and a Phantom RtR had 6 people signed up. So onto my pool.

Well, sadly, there is not much to talk about in the deck-building portion. I have 3 good rares in G/B, 2 Stab Wounds, and 3 Axebane Guardians. i plays all my Golgari gold cards and my best green and black cards. The hardest decision was weather to play Course’s Accord off of the Guardians or to play Archweaver. I ended up going with the Accord as I tend to like auto 2 for 1s. Here is the deck I ran

M1G1 against Rarian
I keep 2 Forests, Accord, Imp, Wound, Guildmage, and Axebane. My first play is Axebane on turn 3 and his 3 drop is a Guttersnipe. I play another land and tap Axebane for my second black to drop Imp and Guildmage. He played his second Swamp and dropped Desecration Demon. He attacked for 2 with Snipe. I figured I could sack my Axebane with the Guildmage and use the tokens to keep it tapped. I played a Plains and made 2 tokens with Accord. He dropped me to 12 with the Demon and made a 3/2 Gore-House Chainwalker. I swung with both my tokens and my Imp, making the score even at 13. I drop a Deathrite and pass. During my EoT, he kills my Mage with Annihilating Fire. I sack the Axebane in response to make 3 1/1 tokens. I also take 2 from the Snipe and go to 11. During his mainphase he Overloads Elecktrickery to kill 4 of my creatures and put me at 9. I sack a Centaur to tap the Demon and he hits me for 5. I draw nothing and scoop.

I keep 2 Forests, Swamp, Assassin’s Strike, Axebane, Accord, and Wound. My first play is again Axebane while he makes a 2/2 Rakdos Cackler on turn 1. He also drops a Sewer Shambler on turn 3. I drop Indrik and pass. He gets in for 2 with his Swampwalker, putting me at 16. He plays a post-combat Guttersnipe. I attack for 2 and he does not block. I tap out for 2 Centaur tokens. He attacks with the team, obviously holding Electrickery. I block the Guttersnipe with a token. and he casts the Elecktrickery. I drop to 10. I attack back with both and he goes to 13, and play a Sewer Shambler. He attacks with both and I block the Cackler with my Axebane. He drops a Runewing and passes. I play a Stab Wound on the Bird and attack him down to 6. He attacks with both and I throw the Axebane in the way again and I go to 6 as well. He plays a Paralyzing Grasp on my token, keeping it tapped, and passes. I attack him down to 2 and kill the Shambler with Assassin’s Strike. He concedes.

I mull and then keep 2 Swamps, Forest, Imp, Axebane, and Wound. He starts with an Unleashed Chainwalker and I drop my Imp. He attacks me to 17 and drops the omnipresent Guttersnipe. I get in there with the Imp and play Lotleth Troll, with a black up to regen. He kills my Troll with his own Stab Wound, and attacks me down to 13. I attack for 1 again and play Guardian. He attacks with both and I block the Snipe with my Guardian and go to 11. Then he shortens the clock with the Shambler. I have 2 Stab Wounds, an Assassin’s Strike, and a Longlegs in hand. I play the Longlegs with the mindset that he can’t attack into it and even if he has removal, I still have a blocker and I can kill 2 of his creatures next turn. I attack with the Imp to go up to 12. Well, it didn’t really work that way. He plays Rakdos Charm, dropping me to 10 from the Snipe and then 7 from the Charm. Then he kills the Longlegs with Dreadbore and I go to 5 from the Snipe. He attacks with all and I die.

I keep 3 Forests, Swamp, Axebane, Strike, and Lotleth Troll. I drop my Troll on turn 2 and he just 2 Mountains. I attack with my Troll and drop my Axebane. He runs out an Unleashed Splatter Thug. His Thug is a perfect target for my Stab Wound and I attack him to 16. He goes to 14 on his upkeep and plays Hellhole Flailer, not Unleashed. I play another land, discard my Shambler to the Troll, then Scavenge the Shambler onto said Troll. I still have mana up for regen as well. I attack him for 5 and he goes to 9. He drops to 7 on his turn and sacks the Thug with Launch Party, killing my Axebane and taking me to 18. He passes after that. I play a land and attack with my 5/4 Troll. He has to chump block with his Flailer and the Trample takes him to 4. I play my Corpsejack and pass. He draws a card and scoops.

I keep with 2 Forest, Swamp, Plains, Vraska, and Guildmage. He makes an Unleashed Thrill-Kill Assassin and I match it with my Guildmage. He attacks me to 18 and passes. I crack back to even up the score and then make an Axebane. He attacks me to 16 and Unleashes a Bloodfray Giant. I tapout for Vraska and destroy Giant. I swing in to drop him to 16. He comes in at Vraska and she goes down, very sad. He makes a 3/3 Splatter Thug. I put Stab Wound on the Assassin and get in for another 2 and I pass. He drops to 12 and runs out Perilous Shadow. He attacks with Thug and I go to 13. He passes with enough to pump Shadow once. I kill the Shadow with Assassin’s Strike and he discards another land. It seems like he is pretty flooded as I don’t think he has missed a land drop. I attack for another 2 and he goes to 10. I pass and he goes to 8. He plays a Gore-House Chainwalker, keeping it leashed to block. He hits me for 3, down to 10. I use the Guildmage’s ability to give it Intimidate and knock him down to 5. I drop Longlegs and pass. He goes down to 3, draws a card, a scoops.

Annoyingly, I got disconnected due to a shakey internet connection and missed match 3

I was pretty annoyed with how this sealed turned out. The deck seemed amazing but still did not do well. O well, back next time.