Hey everyone, this week I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from the nitty gritty and I’m going to be talking about the festival of limited sealed  that magic online did last week. I’ll be going over my matches so those of you who couldn’t play can live vicariously through me, and those who could play can laugh at how bad I am at sealed.

Now to me, the hardest part of this event, and ultimately I think the downfall of the event, was the limited deck building time. We had the same amount of time as a normal sealed event, and this one was full of old sets I didn’t know and had 10 packs. After 10 minutes of the alloted 20 minutes of deckbuilding time and I hadn’t even read all my cards yet. I decided to go with a blue black control list because all of my blue creatures had some sort of evasion and I had a couple strong black spells. Here is my list

Round 1 vs dave_finkle

My opponent was playing a pretty aggro heavy G/W list. He had quite a few durdly 4/4s, which I expect out of green considering the sets are all about 6+ years old. I never saw any white out of him until game 3, but he had a few surprises up his sleeves that made it worth playing white.

game 1: mull to 5 drew 6 straight swamps and 1 island to lose on turn 8, Unfortunately everyone gets mana screwed sometimes.

game 2: mull to 6 keep a 2 lander and turn 1 serum visions into 2 islands (apparently this game wants to flood me) I throw them both on the bottom and nothing really happens until turn 4 I get my primal plasma out as a 2/2 flyer my opponent gets out  a couple durdly 4/4s, one of which I jilt the other I steal with sower of temptations he plays krosan vorine which I recoil and next turn plays it again, but I charm my 4/4 I stole to give it flying and I swing for the game winning 8

game 3: another mull to 6 to a 4 lander but with counter magic. I draw a serum visions into 2 more land (seriously MODO wtf?) I manage to get out a snapping drake to start whittling down his health. He starts playing his durdles, which I was able to bounce, and then starts building up land mass, which scares me to death so I sandbag my oppressive will I end up countering a loxodon anchorite because I still have an agonizing demise in hand and I don’t want him to stabalize I manage to get a covert operative to put an even bigger strain on his health while still only staring at a lonley crven caryatid. he throws out a dauntless dourbark which I demise to keep up tempo, which unfortunately turns out to be a mistake as he casts blazing archon. My opponent is only at 5 life so I hard cast mulldrifter so I would have a blocker to get my some extra draws but I draw into a [card]sower of temptation/card]. I steal the archon next turn to take the match.

Round 2 vs paledoor

My opponent is playing a jund list with some nice black removal and some hefty green creatures and a few powerful red creatures. It was a solid list and a tough match up.

game 1: nothing big really happens until I decide to keep board presence and oppressive will his smoldering tar to keep my guys alive. I play mulldrifter to get the card draw and I start to beatdown with it. He plays a trophy hunter and can’t really do anything because he only has one forest. I play a snapping drake but next turn he kills it after he plays his second forest. I keep whittling him down and I got him all the way to 1 until he played. nath of the gilt-leaf and everything went awry. I managed to play an aven fateshaper to see that my next draws were a removal spell and a bunch of lands. He ends up killing it with a black kill spell (that I forget). Next turn I discard solarion My mulldrifter was enchanted with scavenged weaponry. I had the win but on his turn he hit mulldrifter with trophy hunter twice and then cast lose hope on it. I cast perplex it but he chose to discard his hand. I knew my draws sucked for the next 3 turns so he got to keep pumping out elves. After my 3 land draws I hit my covert operative and he conceded.

game 2: I keep a risky hand with only 2 lands and 3 drops, but I have the cards to get me there I hit the land to play deadly grub he played penumbra bob.I manage to get out a drake by turn 4. I  sandbaged my oppresived will for fear of trophy hunter but i have to cast it on a morbid hunger targetting the drake. He casts a tephraderm which beats me down hard. He casts a smoldering tar to kill my drake. I have kuro’s taken to infinitly block but it has to block tephradem to keep me alive. He ends up flashbacking a 3/3 elephant I lose to elephant beatdown.

game 3:Once again I keep a bit of a risky hand with several powerful 4 drops but only 3 land. but I also had a perplex and an oppressive will. I play my deadly grub turn 3 (my only actual play out of my hand) and I was able to swing in for 2 turns with it before it transformed. My opponent started out slow so I used my advantage to counter both of his first 2 plays to get the swings in. The turn my token came into play I play a shape shifter and I swing in with the token. He plays a trophy hunter the turn after my insect token comes into play so I decide to push the advantage and swing with both. my token and his trophy hunter die and I hit him for one putting him at 4. he plays an elephant ambush. Next turn I hold back and draw a myr quadropod. He draws and passes and I draw a trickery charm to give my myr quadropod flying and I switch the power and toughness to take the match.

Round 3 vs IHaveTopTop

My opponent was once again playing green, only this time a naya list. Same as the last people I have played, big creatures with splashing other colors for removal or burn.

game 1: I start off with a hand full of counter spells but I decide to keep for my first 7 card hand. I draw more land and counterspells making me a nervous. by turn 6 I’ve got 6 lands a grip full of removal but I really need some creatures, luckily my opponent is starting off kinda slow too with only 2 1/1s in play.by turn 8 I’m a little frustrated, having drawn only 1 bounce spell and straight land. After all, this is for tickets, and those 1/1s are doing some damage. the first creature I draw is a shape stealer, woohoo, and it gets promptly burned with a lash out. I agonizing demise a menacing ogre he played, which he picked 4 off the trigger and I picked 0. but I’m still at 9 being beat down by 1/1s. I’m still holding on to more counter spells that I’ve drawn and still no creatures. I oppressive will a goblin dynamo leaving him still with only 1/1s. I draw a mulldrifter to finally have a board presence which I draw into a perplex and snapping drake. I perplex a utopia vow targeting mulldrifter. Next turn I get out the drake and an escape artist. Bt unfortunately his saproling is enchanted with pollenbright. He taps down my drake and muscle bursts it to put a butt ton of saprolings in play. He has enough saprolings to swing for lethal next turn and I have nothing so I concede to save time.

game 2: this time around my 7 is much better and I keep. I get out a covert operative but it get’s hit with a lash out and he wins the clash. However I still have a sower of temptaion in hand so I’m just waiting for him to play a creature big enough for me to want to steal. Siege Wurm ends up being that big creature.he ends up playing a sulam djinn which I agonizing demise. In response my opponent concedes as his time is already at 9 minutes.

game 3: I’m pretty nervous going in, after all this game is for garunteed tickets, and I need those tickets to finish out my pauper affinity deck. My hand is pretty aggro heavy but I decide to go for it. He plays a mire boa which does not bode well. But I start strong with a disciple of malice and a deadly grub. he plays a vitaspore thaild on turn 2. I decide to go balls to the wall and I cast scavenged weaponry on my deadly grub. he casts muscle burst on his thalid and they trade but I’m happy with that 1 for 1. He only swings next turn and I play a snapping drake on mine. he plays a berserk murlodont which I recoil on his next declare attacks. He plays it again and unfortunately I can’t oppresive will as he left 2 mana open. I decide to take a risk and cast aven fateshaper after I hit my 7th land., and once again my next draws suck, but atleast I can arrange them so they suck less. He cast sunlance on my drake so now I’m in another tough spot. he casts menacing ogre and gets the counters. I go down to 3 and I don’t see myself getting out of this one. Unfortunately I have no way to get rid of the mire boa and lose the match.

Round 4 vs. person who I forgot to write down their name (sorry whoever you were, you were a valiant opponent)

Unfortunately it seems like every daily or event I play in ends up like this. I got 2-0 and then lose my last 2 matches barely to unlucky draws or bad match ups  Needless to say I was expecting to lose this round like the last 5 or so dailies I played in. Although I was still going to play to the best of my abilities. Hopefully I can win this round and finally break my losing streak to leave a daily with some packs.

Hey look someone’s not playing green! But they are playing a pretty strong boros tempo list.

game 1: my opponent starts out with a thundersong trumpeter and I lead with a kuro’s taken. My opponent than continues to rocket out of the gate with white weenies and overwhelms me.

game 2: I start off with escape artist to whittle away at him. he waits until turn 3 to play a vanilla 2/2. I cast a mulldrifter turn 5 then he casts a crested craghorn which I recoil. he plays it again at the end of his turn. I cast aven fateshaper which he provokes to trade with his crested craghorn. he then plays a thundersong trumpeter. I then cast trickery charm to reveal I’m getting a kuro’s taken and 3 lands (seriously modo? you’ve flooded me this whole event) I perplex a ronin cavekeeper but he discards his hand. I’m only at 2 life so once again history repeats itself and I lose another daily.


Needless to say the spike in me is pretty dissapointed. This is the 6th daily in a row that I have gone 2-0 in and not ended up with any prize support. And so far it has been mostly due to poor draws. game 2 of round 4 I had my opponent at 5 life, but I had triple land revleaed off of my trickery charm. Game 1 of round 3 I lost because I drew nothing but either land or bounce spells for 8 turns. It looks like my losing streak on MODO continues on tonight.

Although all in all I enjoyed the event. I think it definitely could be improved with a little bit more time for sealed deck construction, but all in all it was a fun diversion and I enjoyed my time even though I didn’t leave with anything.