Back at it again, this time looking at some green cards from Journey to Nyx. I wonder how many people got their Hero’s Bane to OVER9000!!!! counters. Their Hydra Broodmaster would certainly be proud. Here we go!

Bassara Tower Archer

Bassara Tower Archer – Paying two for a 2/1 hexproof creature seems fine in both limited and constructed play, and the reach is just icing on the cake. In limited, with all the bestow creatures, you should have no trouble building a Voltron, though just a harder-to-cast 2/1 is fine as well.

Colossal Heroics

Colossal Heroics – The nice thing about this card is that it untaps your creatures, so if you’ve used your Golden Hinds and Voyaging Satyrs to cast it, you’ll be able to swing with them a la Elfball. Alternatively, you can use it as a multi-creature Savage Surge.

Consign to Dust

Consign to Dust – Instant speed destruction of enchantments or artifacts is very good in this block, and being able to get additional value by striving is even better. This is one of the better removal cards in this color.

Desecration Plague

Desecration Plague – It’s funny that instant speed enchantment destruction is followed up by sorcery speed destruction that’s more expensive. Destroying a land typically won’t be relevant, so this card simply isn’t as good as far as removal goes.

Dictate of Karametra

Dictate of Karametra – While I think we’ll have to wait to see if this card will make an impact in standard play, it most likely won’t be very good in limited decks. You’re rarely able to construct your deck so that you benefit significantly more from the extra mana, and even if you do, you’ll suffer when you don’t draw the dictate.

Eidolon of Blossoms

Eidolon of Blossoms – Now this is a constellation trigger I can get behind. At its worst, it’s a cantrip 2/2 creature for 4 mana. With all the enchantment creatures in the format, you’ll likely be able to draw extra cards and get a ton of value.

Font of Fertility

Font of Fertility – This helps if you’re base green and have a splash color. Ideally, you’re playing it turn one, then cracking it turn two, but realize that many times, it won’t work out like that.

Golden Hind

Golden Hind – A 2/1 for two mana is always acceptable, but adding on the ability to tap for mana puts it way over the top. This is a very versatile card that can act as ramp when you need it and as a suitable creature when you don’t. This card further proves that Wizards has an unhealthy fascination with Elk.

Goldenhide Ox

Goldenhide Ox – It’s quite expensive, as constellation cards have tended to be, but the effect is interesting. If it said, “Must be blocked by all creatures your opponents control.” then it may have been worth it, but as it is, I don’t think you want to be picking it highly.

Heroes' Bane

Heroes’ Bane – The green pre-release promo suffers from the lack of evasion of any sort, but can be very good in a deck with the right support. Bestowing a Nimbus Naiad, enchanting with Stratus Walk, or adding a Chariot of Victory could change this card into an unbeatable threat. I’ve seen plenty of pictures where people have run out of dice trying to keep track of his power.

Humbler of Mortals

Humbler of Mortals – Or, you can use this card to give Hero’s Bane trample. It’s a six mana constellation card, so again, quite expensive and not the greatest card on its own, but it can help push through damage. The fact that it’s actually a decently sized body (if a little subpar for its cost) helps.

Hydra Broodmaster

Hydra Broodmaster – This is a giant creature that makes more giant creatures. It’s not quite Polukranos because it does cost six mana, but the body and the effect are still quite nice. It’s likely not good enough for constructed, but in limited, I’m quite happy with this card.

Kruphix's Insight

Kruphix’s Insight – I actually like this card for certain types of decks in limited. Be careful of trying to force the deck too hard because it just might not happen, but if you can get a dredge/enchantment style deck going, this could be a very good card. In constructed, it could be interesting in a Whip of Erebos reanimator deck.

Market Festival

Market Festival – A four mana ramp spell seems excessive, but it can help you get that splash color. You probably don’t want to be playing this, though, as it can be a pretty big tempo swing at a key point in the game.

Nature's Panoply

Nature’s Panoply – This is simply a cheap way to trigger heroic on multiple creatures. It’s not exactly efficient after the first two creatures, but if you need heroic triggers, this will get the job done.

Nessian Game Warden

Nessian Game Warden – With enough Forests in play, this will basically draw you a card. Even if you don’t, it’s still a 4/5 for five mana. The upside on this card is huge and the downside isn’t all that bad, so overall, it’s quite good for green decks.

Oakheart Dryads

Oakheart Dryads – A three mana 2/3 is serviceable, if not exactly that great, and the constellation trigger is alright. Those combine to make a decent card, even if it’s not too overwhelming.

Pheres-Band Thunderhoof

Pheres-Band Thunderhoof – I like this a bit more than Centaur Battlemaster because it’s easier to cast and is a bigger initial body, making it a less risky play. It has less upside overall, but I like being able to play it more confidently in decks that aren’t base green.

Pheres-Band Warchief

Pheres-Band Warchief – A 3/3 vigilant trampler is fine on its own, and giving your other centaurs vigilance and trample is very nice. You won’t be making any centaur tribal decks, but it can still come in quite handy.

Ravenous Leucrocota

Ravenous Leucrocota – Vigilance and monstrosity combine quite nicely to form a formidable beast. An overall solid card at common.

Renowned Weaver

Renowned Weaver – Need a way to stop those pesky Vaporkins? Look no further! The reach on the token is nice, and don’t underestimate the ability to use the ability as a combat trick with constellation triggers.

Reviving Melody

Reviving Melody – You need both a creature and an enchantment in your graveyard to make this card a 2-for-1. If you’re playing a dredge type deck, that should be easy to get, but otherwise, it probably won’t be worth it.

Satyr Grovedancer

Satyr Grovedancer – It’s better than a simple 2/2 for two, so it’s playable. That said, it’s not amazing, either.

Setessan Tactics

Setessan Tactic – Now this is a strive spell I can get behind. This is basically green’s board wipe, and even just putting counters on your creatures is nice for the cost. If you’re base green, you could easily strive for four or so to trigger some heroic and clear the board in your favor. Even better, it’s at instant speed.

Solidarity of Heroes

Solidarity of Heroes – You need a lot of creatures that get +1/+1 counters to make this worth it, and even then, it might not be worth running this card. If you manage to draft a Sage of Hours, you might be obligated to run this card to try for the dream, but this card might just be a trap in most cases (including the case in which you get a Sage of Hours).


Spirespine – I love how this card is designed, and I quite like it in the limited format. Being able to bestow it onto a creature with evasion is great, and a cheap four power creature is nice as well.

Strength from the Fallen

Strength from the Fallen – This could be good with dredge mechanics, but in most decks, it won’t really have much of a place. If you can reliably trigger constellation as well as reliably fill your graveyard, feel free to run it. Otherwise, it might be best to stay away.

Swarmborn Giant

Swarmborn Giant – While I like this card, I think its far too inconsistent. At times, it can be an absolute beating, but other times, it’ll just sit in your hand unable to do anything or just die as soon as it comes out.

Well that’s it! Have fun smashing face with these big green monsters!