Multicolored permanents are my favorite thing in Magic: the Gathering. Renounce the Guilds can suck it. I’m going to keep playing my Cromat EDH deck! Play me some Maelstrom Nexus, and some Progenitus. WUBRG baby!

Oh yea, set review. Let’s begin!


I remember reading skimming over this card briefly when it was spoiled, and thinking it was terrible. Then I read it again and I noticed one little word that I missed the first time. Planeswalker. In standard this card may as well say:

  • +1: Don’t use this ability
  • +1: Find Elspeth
  • -8: Rub it in

It’s obviously a huge bomb in limited, and will probably see at least some constructed play. I’ve been playing it in my planeswalker EDH deck, and it’s absolutely bonkers. +1 find Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, Karn Liberated, and [card]Jace, the Mind Sculptor[/card… which do I take?!



I view this as the strongest of the multi-colored gods, for constructed. This guy makes Supreme Verdict into an underwhelming wave. This fits directly into the mainboard of a BW or Esper weenies list, and provides tons of value. It’s a much stronger “build around me” card than it is a “limited bomb.” Play with caution in draft.


This is a very powerful effect. You’d obviously play it even without the strive mechanic. It has the one restriction of being very hard to cast, color wise, especially after you add strive costs. I wouldn’t put this in my limited pool expecting to be able to strive for more than two targets.


This card seems ok on the surface, but once you start to line up all the hoops, it becomes a little dicey. You need the 2 specific mana. You need to be able to tap it. When you untap with it, you need something in your hand with the same casting cost as your bomb. You gain no card advantage with the tutor. Best case I guess you pitch a 3 drop creature to get Pharika, God of Affliction, then turn the creature into a snake. I wouldn’t pick this very highly in a draft, and I certainly won’t be building around it.


First of all, the artist was clearly inspired by this:


Second of all, a 3/3 flying creature for 5 mana is not bad. Add the deathtouch and flash, and you’ve got a highly pick-able card because it is a threat and a removal spell. The Monstrosity is really just icing on the cake after that. Probably a pack one pick one card if the rare is bad, and you’re ballsy enough to take something with two colors.


Anyone who faced Iroas in the pre-release know that once he comes down, the game is pretty much over. His effect is so strong in aggressive strategies, that even without devotion, he is a complete beating. They slapped like 3 cards on this card, it’s crazy.


I wish they had made this card strong enough for constructed, I really do. Keranos is still a very entertaining powerhouse in limited, and should be played if possible. The effect is good enough that it’s worth splashing for, even if you will never reach seven devotion.


“Good in EDH” is generally synonymous with “bad in everything else.” Guess what, this card is good in EDH. If it were to find a home in Standard, it would be in some king of Bant control list with Sphinx’s Revelation and Courser of Kruphix. In limited it’s probably not even worth playing if you can’t reach the seven devotion.


This card is very powerful. It’s a respectable blocker for 3 mana, and it will eventually get you the best card out of your deck. This card sort of follows the Codex Shredder philosophy from Fun Police. Mill yourself until you find all the answers you could ever desire. Use this guy to get it into your hand. Become the winner. I’m a little sad that you need to exile the spider, it stops all the recursive shenanigans. Wizards has a stiff “No Recursive Recluse” policy.


I want to try this card out in Standard. Black-Green is already so strong that I feel like 1-2 copies of this card could work. It’s got control written all over it, and plays very well with Desecration Demon, Polukranos, World Eater, and Courser of Kruphix. Adding more controlling creatures to the board to halt your foes until you can grind out some card advantage seems good. Recovering some bodies after a board wipe seems alright too. The downside is that if you play this right on turn 3, it’s very unlikely to be useful until much later.


This is a really straightforward card. The answer to whether or not it is playable, is not straightforward at all. I feel like there are times when you untap your 6 mana, topdeck the second forest you needed, play it,  cast this and swing with your team for the win. I also feel like there are a lot of times that you get to 7 mana and get 4 irrelevant 2/2s…


This creature is so perfectly durdly. 2/3 flying creature for 4 mana is fine. Scry 1 + repeatable combat trick for 4 mana is fine. Is it an Izzet playable? It IS an Izzet playable isn’t it? It wouldn’t pull me into the colors, but I would splash for it if I had the fixers.


Upside bears! Get your upside bears! Sure it’s a little hard to cast, but odds are if you’re in BW you don’t care. The only thing you care about is dicking around until the timer runs out and making sure that your opponent has no fun. You know how to make them have no fun? Force them to watch you dicking around with your coinsmith. I’d play it, but I’m also a complete jackass sometimes.

Part II

Colorless permanents are my favorite thing in Magic: the Gathering. All is Dust is my homeboy. I’m going to keep playing my Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre EDH deck! Play me some Codex Shredder, and some Worldspine Wurm. Colorless baby!


Look an anthem effect for 3 colorless mana! It’s like it’s made to be a first pick in every pack ever! Play this card. Play it a lot. But only in limited.




I would actually play this, but only in Theros block. A big problem in THS block is one enormous Voltron creature. This deals with that… and then can move to the next threat. It’s removal. Removal is good.


I don’t think I need to tell you to play this. It has “Victory” right in the name. The equip cost is just right for this effect.



23rd playable material! If you expect the game to durdle along this may be worth the investment. If not, it will be a lot of wasted mana and tempo.