My next store review  will be of another Las Vegas area Magic: The Gathering store.  Gameworld obviously dedicates most of their resources to used video gaming, but they are a licensed MTG dealer who actually dedicates about a third of their floor space to the game.  As such, they will be ranked according to the system laid out in our first shop review.  I have currently decided to forego the “extras” section, however.

Cleanliness: 4/10

Previous readers will know that cleanliness is extremely important in deciding whether or not I will return to a store in the future for events. Unfortunately, I have never attended an event in this store because it definitely does not meet my minimum standard for cleanliness. Both the inside and outside of the building look a bit disheveled, and upon entering, the shopper notices a distinct smell that does not remind anyone of beautiful tropical beaches. There is often dust collecting on merchandise and in corners, and players can often see boxes of product both MTG and non-MTG waiting to be sorted and put away. I am thankful that in the last year they have changed the setup of the Video Game portion of the shop to feel slightly more open and less cluttered.

Service: 5/10 

Although I typically receive a, “hello” as I enter the store, once I’ve made my way into the back where the MTG cards are to be found, I typically find myself waiting for help, even when someone is there. Similar to Little Shop of Magic, I typically have to seek someone out have a question, and I’ve never had anyone suggest any product to me.  However, they’re receiving a lower score than LSoM because I’ve had some of my service horror stories occur here, and it always takes ages to purchase due to their pricing policies.

Selection: 8/10 

I have to say that when I only need a single, I typically stop at this store first for two reasons: the other store with great single selection is much much further away, and the singles in this store are much easier to shop.  The store has walls of glass caseline set out with singles arranged by set that gives the shopper an overwhelming feeling of great selection.  I hovered between giving them a 7 or an 8 for selection, but making so many important cards so easy to find tipped them toward an 8, simply for the way they are displayed. Additionally, they often have foreign boosters and older boosters available for purchase.

Location: 2/5

The location of this store is not bad, per sé, but parking is scarce and one never gets the feeling that it’s in a particularly good neighborhood, either.  The store from the front can sometimes look a bit disheveled, and I have actually seen someone peeing on the building before.

Pricing: 3/5

One of my least favorite things about this store is how they keep up with their pricing.  On many cards, they will label a price, but they also put up signs throughout the back half of the store letting the players know that prices are subject to change.  Before you can check out, the cashier will look up the price of each card on SCG and charge you whatever the current price is. While I understand this keeps them current, I’m not getting the shop experience I would pay for from a more dedicated MTG shop and if I’m going to pay whatever price is on SCG, I may as well order from SCG. Because of this, I’ve stopped shopping here unless I need a single immediately. I am more than happy to pay a little more at a store that provides me with an otherwise great environment, but I don’t get that here.

Total: 22/40 = 55%

Have you been to Gameworld? What were your impressions? Leave a comment! I want to hear about your LGS, too!

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