Well boys and girls it’s time for some news! It looks like the first deck pack is being released for Magic 2014: Duals of the Planeswalkers. This deck pack includes two brand new decks to unlock, play, and tweak: Unfinished Business & Bounce and Boon. The official Wizards news service described them like this:

Unfinished Business – Wake the dead! The creatures of the blue and black “Unfinished Business” deck refuse to rest in peace. Your spells will bring them back from beyond the grave to exact vengeance against your enemies!

Bounce and Boon – Summon creatures that enter the battlefield with a bang—then summon them again and again! The white “Bounce and Boon” deck keeps your opponents on their heels with a constant stream of life gain and battlefield manipulation.



Both decks are available for a combined cost of $2.99 and the Deck Pack also comes with the foil conversions for both Unfinished Business & Bounce and Boon. Which one will you be playing first?