From the second I saw Thassa, God of the Sea I knew we had a connection. We’d be holding hands and strolling up and down the sea shore, picking up Kraken Hatchlings and listening to the ocean inside their impenetrable shells. Then out of nowhere came Master of Waves. That handsome devil won me over so fast it practically left me winded, but I knew with him, I’d never get burned. I was in love, so I called up my ex, Frostburn Weird (everyone has a weird ex) and I decided to throw a party.


It is very difficult to stop the damage from coming against mono-blue, and I like that. Board stalls are infrequent, and I am the most likely to break them, with my 5/5, right in your face. The mainboard of this deck is really hard to adjust, because it is following some very strict rules. Play things with blue mana symbols. Play as many Thassas and Masters as you can. Enjoy Victory!

The one place I find this deck suffers is in the sideboard. There aren’t a lot of good sideboard options in blue, which is why most stick with a ton of spells that hose other monoblue decks, like Domestication and Gainsay. In my particular list, I’m not crazy about Jace, Architect of Thought mainboard in a format filled to the brim with Hero’s Downfalls. Bident of Thassa is the real deal though, usually burying your opponent with card advantage. I’m still trying to find a way to easily handle U/W control though, and Jace, Memory Adept just isn’t cutting it.

Call me crazy, but I think this deck needs a Pyxis of Pandemonium. It comes down on turn 1 and you’re much more likely to score a ton of permanents than your opponent is, in a control matchup. Someone with more courage than me should try that out and let me know if it’s safe.