The Magic Triangle is Complete!

The addition of Temple of Enlightenment, Temple of Malice, and Temple of Plenty means that the following three color decks have access to the full 12 on color scry lands:

  • Naya (G/R/W)
  • Bant (G/W/U)
  • Esper (B/W/U)
  • B/R/W

Long Live Control!

Esper control is already a real deck in the current standard meta, and Bant is looking good with the addition of two on color scry lands. Sphinx’s Revelation in the same deck as the ever-imposing Prime Speaker Zegana might mean the re-establishment of Bant Midrange in standard.

Long Live Value!

Boros Reckoner
B/R/W is all about individual card value. Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Desecration Demon, and Boros Reckoner have all seen tons of play since December. Quality creatures combined with some of the best removal in the standard format means that B/R/W will be using their 12 scry lands to fish through their deck for answer after answer.

Long Live Clunky Fatties!

Oh Naya… you now have access to all the scry that could ever slow you down! Playing your big fatty creatures like Stormbreath Dragon, or Polukranos, World Eater a turn too late because of a tapped land can be frustrating, but you can take solace in knowing you will never whiff on a Domri Rade +1 again.

Long Live Burning Earth!

Just kidding… Burning Earth can stay out of mono-red sideboards forever and I would be a happier man for it, unless you’re using one altered by Kelli of course.


What do you think? Will three color decks start to re-emerge in standard? Will devotion continue to dominate the meta? Leave your best guess in the comments below!