Hello Magic: The Gathering Fans! The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s going to be time to buy gifts for all your friends and nerdy-types in your family. Wizards is putting out another Holiday box this year, much the same as the Return to Ravnica style Holiday boxes from last year!

“Featuring four booster packs from Theros, 20 basic land cards, and a Karametra’s Acolyte premium card with an illustration unique to this gift box, it’s the perfect way to supplement their vast Magic collection. The box itself holds more than 2,000 cards, providing a great way to store a collection.

Available today for $19.99, it’s the perfect gift for any Magic player on your list. Be sure to check it out this holiday season, and please let me know if you have any questions.” – Wizards Communication

Product Breakdown:

I’m going to pick apart the product and try to give you an overall feeling of the value it contains.

Booster Packs:

Theros Booster Pack

First off let’s talk about the sealed booster packs. You get 4 Theros boosters in this box, which are probably the most valuable ingredient of this holiday treat! These usually run me (living in the frozen wasteland of northern Canada) about $5 each at my LGS, so I’m laughing if I pick up this box at the MRSP of $20. They’re about $4 a piece online, so if you’re looking for value here, you’re lost. Luckily, that’s not all that is included in this merry little package.

Total Value so far: $16.00


MTG Lands

The Holiday Box come with 20 basic land, four of each type. I believe the RTR land pack had 1 copy of each individual piece of art for each basic land type. If you don’t want to waste time looking through your collection for this exact setup of lands, then you have a pre-made mini collection right there wrapped up in the plastic. Monetarily this land is basically valueless, and I’m pretty sure I gave mine to my LGS for drafts.

Total Value so far: $16.01

The Promo:


This is how I’d look if I was picking a golden apple.

Last year we had Dreg Mangler, which is actually a half decent card in standard right now. The card was playable and the art was fantastic, but I still prefer the Venom look and feel to the original art.


Left: Coolest Spiderman Villain VS. One who “Mangles”

wpid-images-3.jpgI think that the new art is a sexed up and flashy reboot of the original, which isn’t really a bad thing considering how bland the card is. Playable? Not really. Pretty? Oh hell yes. Just remember how much trouble it was to collect all the gold to make that apple before you let some fancy lady in a pretty green dress take it from you.

I’d gauge the value of the promo at about $1, which is the minimum most people would list it at in a trade as a filler.

Total Value so far: $17.01

Plastic Dividers and Stickers:


There are six illustrated plastic dividers and a page of Theros themed stickers included in the Holiday Box. The dividers are apparently slightly thinner than their Return to Ravnica Counterparts, which are actually a very thick gauge of plastic. I am currently using the RTR ones in my Ultra Pro deck boxes, and they work great. I can imagine that the Theros ones will perform a similar function with less weight and more flexibility. I hope they made them a touch shorter than the RTR ones, which actually make the holiday box fail to close fully.

I’d pay $1 for a sticker sheet, and probably another $1-2 for the dividers.

Total Value so far: $20.01

The Box


The box holds 2,000 cards. I’ve seen 2,000 card shoe-box style boxes on sale in LGS’s and stores online for between $2 and $6, and this is easily the second most valuable part of the deal, and really what pushes it over the top for value.

i1035 FW1.1

Way Less Awesome :(


Total Semi-Subjective Value: $22.01 – $26.01

MSRP: $19.99


Last year I purchased 4 Holiday boxes with the intent of giving 3 away for Christmas… but they didn’t make it past my Magic-addicted nerd-fingers. Go buy it, you’ll like it. I promise.