As you know by now, I’m terrible at limited. I had considered doing a pre-release primer, but I know I would do terrible and you would all hate me. So on this Dragon’s Maze eve I’m sticking to my strengths and looking at some constructed cards. Note that these are my top 10 cards to watch. I am by no means declaring that these cards are good, I’m saying that these cards have the potential to be good in constructed environments, mainly the standard constructed environment  The only way we will know for certain what cards are the best is by waiting for the set to come out and actually playing with them. All that being said I hope you enjoy the article and learn something from it. With no further to do, the cards are: (In no particular order mind you)


Ok so this one is kind of cheating, it’s a reprint, but man this card is good. It’s Murder that can hit artifacts for exchanging a black for a green. This card is going to see play in jund, junk reanimator, and probably anyone playing green and black. This card is good, no doubt about it.

advent of the wurm

This card is good, no doubt about it. It is a 5/5 at instant speed for 4 mana, and that’s about all there is to it. I don’t think this card is going to have a huge hit on the constructed table, but he will see play for sure.

ral zarek

Ok so I go back and forth between Ral Zarek, and I chose to include him anyway based on his potential. The best part about him is that his -2 is a lightning bolt. The fact that he can hit the battlefield and have an immediate effect is a good thing, a very good thing, and it’s also worth mentioning that he can use this ability twice if needed. His +1 however, isn’t that great. Sure it has it’s spots, pseudo vigilance, mana ramp, or making a hole for your guys to attack into, but it doesn’t do a whole lot. Although, he still has all the makings a planeswalker that can see constructed play. He protects himself, He effects the game immediately, and his ultimate wins you the game (provided life doesn’t hate you). All and all I think he will see play if he can find a home, which I think might be the biggest barrier to entry for him right now. Also for the statistical half of a vintage player that reads my articles he does infinite combo with Time Vault just incase you needed another one of those.

voice of resurgence

You want to counter my creature? Ok, I’ll just put a different one on the battlefield instead. This is the card that Naya needs to slide back up into the tier 1 slot. This card is a blowout against control, and basically forces your opponent to play everything at socery speed to avoid 2 for 1ing themselves. Not to mention they can’t even kill it without you getting some value out of it. Although personally I think this card will probably be stuck to the sideboard and will only be sided in against control, it really doesn’t do enough against other decks, but when he does stuff he sure does stuff.

legion's initiative

Nice supreme verdict bro. This card is really good for a minor pump to your dudes, as well as protecting your guys from supreme verdicts, or even protecting your really good dude from spot removal. Not to mention it can also be used to give your guys haste if need be. I don’t think it’s super great, but I think it will see play.

notion thief

This card is basically anti-sphinx’s revelation. But the coolest part about him is that he stays around and his effect still matters. Once again we have another sideboard card here, but a pretty good one against the right stuff.


This card is easily the biggest contender to see play in eternal formats. Blue can do nothing to this guy at all. Sure he is only a bear, but he is enabler for so many things. He still dies to a lot of stuff, but he is ultimately a threat a blue player has to deal with that is harder for him to deal with than most things.

ruric thar]

I got this monster of a card in my sealed pool and man does he demand respect. This guy absolutely dominates a board state. When you cast him if your opponent does not have an answer then and their they are almost guaranteed to be taking 6 damage one way or another. There are very few creatures in standard that can go toe to toe with him alone and win, so most likely you will be getting a 2 for 1 if they decide to double block, or if they have to use something like an azorious charm to get rid of him they will be taking 6 to the face. This card is awesome, and deserves a spot in any gruul deck.

zhur-taa druid

I love this card. This guy is super efficient and can really do work. He provides ramp while doing damage, or you can just tap him on your end step to do damage to them. He’s almost always relevant and helps speed up your clock considerably. I’d even consider playing him over Gyre Sage in G/R aggro. He’s an awesome card and I think he will see play.

far and away

This is the only split card to make my list, but this card is esper’s dream come true. Both halves of this card are solid, they are a little expensive for what they do, but they are playable simply because you have the option. But oh man when you fuse this card things are going down. 5 mana is a very reasonable target to hit when you are playing control and it makes this card very relevant if you draw it late game. Fuse this card and you can go from losing to winning in a heartbeat. I love this card so much and I think it deserves serious respect.
That’s my list. I think these 10 cards are the cards most likely to see constructed play. Some honorable mentions were Blood Baron of Vizkopa and Tajic, Blade of the Legion. Overall as a constructed player I’m not super impressed with Dragon’s maze, I don’t think the meta is going to change a bunch for it, but I definitely think some decks will be better for it. I expect a re-surge of Naya thanks to a few key players, and I expect control to be not quite as good considering they printed quite a few good hate cards against control, but largely I think the meta will be unchanged. But remember, these are just my opinions, and there is no way to know what is going to happen until the set is released and we can actually see some results. I wish you all luck with the new cards, and remember to shuffle well.